Oil colours


Artists want their works to be able too preserved for a long time, and the colors do not fade or change when exposing under light or in the air. Colars introduced the latest formulation from England, produced colors with excellent light-fastness, very suitable for artists. The works can preserve for a long time without cracking、color changing or yellowing.

The latest formulation and production technique from UK ensures Colars oil colors the best quality not only on the fastness, but also the stability of painting film.


The color from Colars has the consistency of smooth and even, which gained many compliments among the artists all over the world.

Easy to use
The oil color with latest formulation from Colars suitable for impasto and thin coating, it is very easy for impasto with brush and palette knife, the works will never lose the gloss. The shaped film is irreversible, that is why the colors are better than the other water-based colors.
Tinting strength
Colars colors made from imported raw materials, each color is very beautiful as a result of its unique formula, good stability, strong covering power and coloring strength.
Color Brightness
Oil colors from Colars has the brightest colors cause of the advanced technique and formulation from UK, the colors can still keep clean and bright even after mixing.
The colors from Colars can reflect the original characteristic of pigments, ensured the max transparency of the synthetic organic pigments, while the white color has very excellent opacity. 

Avaliable in tubes - 60ml.


Colars oil